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About TianLu Music

TianLu Music, a division of Tianlu Ministries, focuses on using music to share the gospel. We seek to partner with local churches and organizations to serve communities worldwide, by offering wonderful programs of distinctive, professional, and gospel-filled music, through which we share God’s love.  In addition, the thousands of children who are studying music will be able to learn the true meaning of music, as God has bestowed upon us. In this way, people young and old will be motivated to think, to seek true value, and meaning of life.

In the past 5 years, we have arranged over 100 concerts in Bay Area, and across 7 countries and districts, just about every concert has filled every seat in the house, averaging 300-400 people per concert, and a maximum of 3000+ people.  Each concert has come with high praise and recognition from our hosting partners and the audience. Over 1000 audience have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior during concerts. At present, this blessed ministry has expanded to Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Thanks be to God and his mighty gospel!


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